Sonship 2.0

This blog was originally posted, June 3, 2013. Edited, March 25, 2015.

Welcome School Year 2013-2014. Before this school year starts, I hope maencourage ko kayo with this.

March 14, 2013. I made a note entitled Sonship – kung saan ko knwento yung ups and downs, discouragements and hopes ko last semester . . . without knowing that few days after, God has prepared something for me…

“Paano ko masasabing ‘Thank you Lord sa grades ko, ikaw ang reason nito, para sa’yo to.’; ‘Thank you Lord natapos namin yung thesis namin, dahil sa strength at wisdom na binigay mo.’ kung ‘di yun ang nangyari. Nakakawala ng worth. Nakakapanghina. Hindi ko mataas ang pangalan Niya.” That’s what I said in the first part of this note. But I forgot that I’m serving a God who will never let His own name be put to shame or not to be lifted up. He sees your heart, heart that desires to bring glory and honor to Him.

Second day of our graduation rehearsal, nalaman kong I am a part of those students na ggraduate with honors. Nakakapagtaka. Hindi naman maganda yung performance ko last semester but I became a part of it. Yun pala, tinignan yung grades namin since nung first year college kami up to present with certain limitations or conditions(I don’t know the exact term), and by God’s grace, I made it! When I found out that reason, nung moment na nakaupo ako habang nagrerehearsal, God taught me that I’m only giving my attention on the big part, not looking to the smaller details. I’m looking to the bigger part of the puzzle and not giving an importance on the small pieces – na pag pinagsama sama mo, that still can lead you to complete the whole masterpiece. Nung nakaupo ako habang tuloy tuloy ang rehearsal, pagtingin ko sa side kung nasaan yung ibang mga kacourse ko, sabi ko kay Lord, “Lord, bakit ako yung nandito. Mas maraming deserving na nakaupo dun o, sila dapat andito sa upuan ko”. But God reminded me again that time na He sees my heart, He will make a way. He already made a way. He had better future and plans for me. Siya talaga ang gagawa ng paraan so that through us, we can make Him known.

And that’s why my awards are for His glory and honor!! Everytime I look at those things, I don’t see my name, I see GOD’S LOVE AND FAITHFULNESS. I remember before I graduated as an Associate, I am worried if I am going to continue this course I’m taking up to 3rd and 4th year. But I am really amazed by God’s answer through this recognition that I received. It’s like He’s also saying to me, “Son, bibitawan mo pa ba yan? You are secured in Me. I know the plans I have for You.”

I am humbled by what God has done and shown in my life last school year. He heard those times that I cried out because of discouragement and disappointments. He heard my prayers and those times that I asked for His help, strength and grace. He saved me. He expressed His unfailing love for me. Yes, even though I don’t deserve it. I really don’t. For how many times, I broke His heart, I disobeyed Him and forget to spend a quality time with Him but He never refused to still fulfill His plans in my life. Hindi Niya kelan man sinabi sken na, “Oops dahil matigas ang ulo mo, babawiin ko na sa’yo tong plano ko.” He never counts me out. There’s no such thing as cancellation of plans and purposes.

I still have 2 years in college. 2 years pa Lord! But I know Faithful ka!! =’)

Now, If God has been faithful to me this way in my school life, He is also faithful to you and will always be faithful to you because we’re serving that same God. We may face different experiences and situations but we’re facing the same grace, mercy and love from a great God. Another school year is about to start but we don’t need to bring the burdens and problems that we’ve experienced in the previous year. We just need to fix our eyes on Him, trust Him and believe that He has great plans for us and He will able to sustain us despite of everything. He sustains. He will sustain you.


He is your strength. He will be the One to strengthen you in your sleepless nights doing your projects and thesis.

He is your wisdom. He is your security. You can excel in everything that you do because He’s holding you.

He is your guidance. He is your shield. No need to worry.

He is your very great reward. The achievements and praises you got are just bonuses. Nothing can still compare to His one smile and applause.

He is your joy. Those burdens, stress, tiredness you may experience will suddenly fade because you have Him. You have a relationship with Him.

He is your comfort. He is your encouragement. He will never leave and forsake you. In your highs and lows, He is there. In your discouragement and disappointments, in your sadness and happiness, He is there. He will wipe away your tears and fears.

He is faithful. What He said to you in the past, He will fulfill it. What He said today, He will fulfill it. What He will say tomorrow, He is going to fulfill it. He never changes.

He is love. Love that is perfect. Love that satisfies. Love that will drive out your fears. He will wake you up in the morning to cheer you up for another day in school. He believes in you.

He is your best friend. He is your father. The one who will motivate you, that will make you happy, that will hug you, that will give you a tap in the back. You can count on Him.

He is your everything. EVERYTHING. All the treasures of this world can be summed up to One when you have Him. He got it all for you.


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